Wanna shoot Phabulous Phoebe an email? Her email is phabulousphoebephotosandfaces@gmail.com
Wanna call Phabulous Phoebe? The phone number to call her at is 6786639743

​​​To make a photo shoot appointment, call the number above. 

​Another PHABULOUS bussiness to check out is Music Together with Miss Wendy!
It's a music class for babies, toddlers, preschoolers and the grown-ups who love them, located in Clairmont and City of Decatur!
​You can try out a free class to see how she does it! 

For more information, check out musictogetherwithmisswendy.com 
​​Or shoot her an email atmusictogetherwithmisswendy@gmail.com 

Phoebe can also do events such as festivals.